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My first photography encounter can be traced back to 2008, when I borrowed my older sister's Olympus point-and-shoot camera while on a family vacation. I remember taking loads of landscape photos from that trip and feeling extra proud of them...until I showed her and she pointed out all the flaws in my composition, the importance (& the absence in my photos) of the rule-of-thirds. It was at this point  when I realised I had so much to learn about photography and took it upon myself to study it in my spare time. I bought photography books & magazines, and spent hours on end reading tutorials & articles online. My self-learning focused on bettering my landscape photography and mastering the art of balancing ISO, exposure and aperture settings in manual mode (without a DSLR camera). It wasn't until 2010 when I (finally) bought my first and own DSLR camera (Nikon D3000) and shot my very first wedding with this body a couple of years later. 


Fast forward to 2017, my passion for photography only grew stronger and I was still fond of teaching myself photography techniques (this time with the help of Youtube videos). I was 'booking' more events - baptisms, 18th/21st birthdays, house parties, etc., and I loved spending every moment outside of my day job, travelling and shooting landscapes. This was the year I decided to create a full-fledged website to combine my love for blogging and photography. Later that year, I was approached by a RAW Exhibit curator to be part of their February 2018 show (RAW Artists: Envision). Saying yes and actually pushing through with the show enabled me to knuckle down and get serious about my work. This was my very first exhibit/showcase and one of the most nerve-wracking and vulnerable moments of my life. It was from this night that I realised I wanted to do more with my photography. By this point, I created a brand (ACM Visuals), I had an ABN, Business Cards, my own website, my own Facebook Page, an online shop and a very active portfolio via Instagram - launching ACM Visuals was in full swing and I had more bookings throughout the year.


Keeping the 'push yourself out of your comfort zone' momentum going, I made the biggest decision of my life (yet); and decided to move interstate. I simply wanted a new challenge. I was in Sydney, ticking off milestone achievements, and I found myself beginning to fall into too much of a routine. I was hungry for more, found gaps in my life that I had trouble filling, it was time to create opportunities for growth, it was time for a change.

This brings us to the now. I'm currently in Melbourne, fulfilling my dreams and aspirations. This move has been everything I could've asked for from a photography perspective. From the week I moved down here, I found myself going for photography gigs that I never would've gone for back in Sydney. I was shooting gigs that I had no experience in, and loved it. I went from specialising in landscape and travel photography, to events, weddings and portrait photography. I found myself falling in love with telling people's stories, in capturing authentic moments.

My love for landscape photography, in conjunction with my new found love in photographing humans have enabled me to come up with unique compositions as the two styles met halfway. My preferred style of shooting is capturing the candid and intimate moments, whilst complementing them with posed shots to create timeless photos.

Who I am outside of photography

I completed my Bachelor's degree in Science in Information Technology at the University of Technology, Sydney. I work full-time as an IT professional (and occasionally I get to shoot events at my workplace). I am extremely grateful to have a career that I'm passionate about which enables me to fund my (expensive) passion as a freelance photographer.

When I'm not behind the camera or in the office, I'm probably drawing/creating illustrations, on the basketball/badminton court, cycling, exploring the coastlines, or experimenting in the kitchen. In winter, you may find me rolling down the slopes, working on my turns on the snowboard.

Above all else, I am a huge advocate for mental health and love sharing my self-care and self-love journey via my socials.

Thanks for reading my story and I look forward to shooting something for you one day! Drop me a note below if you have any queries!


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