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In April 2017, I took the plunge to go on a little solo adventure across the other side of the world. This trip was beyond anything I could've ever imagined. I had expectations of what it'd be like, what I'd be seeing, what I'd experience, what I'd take back to Sydney with me; but none of those compared to what I actually came back with. I learned more about myself during this trip than I did in the 23 years of my existence. One of these days I'll elaborate on what these things actually are, but for now, all I can say is that every second I spent on this trip has been truly unforgettable and I hold them very close to my heart. 

A huge thank you to anyone and everyone who have played a part in making this a trip of a lifetime - you guys know who you are!

As promised, this page is filled with my favourite shots from the trip! I haven't gone through all my photos yet, but I'll keep adding to this page as I go along. 

Hope you guys enjoy and as always, like and share as you please!


San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, SF

Lombard Street

I had to check out the famous seals, of course!

Cycling on the Golden Gate Bridge to this beautiful town of Sausalito

Sausalito homes looking like doll houses

Painted Ladies, Postcard Row

*    *    *

Yosemite National Park

Snow in April?!

*    *    *

New York City

Grand Central Terminal

St Patrick's Cathedral

The Solomon R Guggenheim Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

View from the Top Of The Rock

View from Empire State Building

Brooklyn Bridge

Dumbo, Brooklyn

*    *    *

Hoover Dam

*    *    *

Route 66 / Seligman

*    *    *

Grand Canyon

South Rim, Grand Canyon

*    *    *

Las Vegas

*    *    *

Los Angeles & Orange County

View from above the Hollywood Sign

Sunset at Santa Monica Beach 

View from Universal Studios Hollywood

Check out my Flickr for more photos! 

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